Monday 15 January 2007

la semaine avec la famille

my brother and his FIANCEE were here for a couple days this week. it was really lovely to have them here. they were engaged over christmas - he is continuing the trend and proposing in Paris (Marielle is from just north of Paris). good work Jae!

it was so much fun to have them here and we spoke an odd combination of franglais. Marielle's english is brilliant, but it Andrew and I the chance to broaded our communication horizons, even for just a few days.

jae designed her ring and it's really lovely with the design based around the breton national symbol.

when she saw Ernie, Marielle told us stories of her wee rabbit, Polinice (spelling??) who disappeared one day after Marielle returned from Mongolia.


CuzNuz Ruth said...

Cool. Thanks for giving more details. Jae seems to be a man of few words or just modest. What fun you guys had. Hope your new year is going well.

Anonymous said...

Eilis, c'etait vraiment trop bien...
I miss you!
Ernie might know where Polynice has gone... We'll ask him next time ; )
Much love,