Monday 21 May 2007

ravaged by YOUR wind
calm shattered like so many shards of glass
blood in the picking up of pieces
hands and knees tattered from crawling
crawling to try and gather the fragments
alone, wondering why i'm here
there is a noise and i turn
YOU're there
hands bleeding, eyes weeping
ruins of my wreckage in YOUR hands
confused i look at my own
'why are YOU here?
why am i here?'
no shout, just a whisper
I'm sorry and YOU move
this time i try to shout it
'please don't leave me
not like this
don't leave me'
I AM here
and I'm not going anywhere


Anonymous said...

I love your poetry Eilis!

Nina (from church)

CuzNuz Ruth, a Transplanted Wildflower said...

You sure put a lot of feeling into what you write, drawing us right into those feelings with you. I'm impressed.

J-Mac said...

Keep posting your poems I-Leeeesh, really great1