Wednesday 13 June 2007

vive la france

tomorrow my brother the eldest flies into belfast in the AM.....we run at the eldest, andrew, and i drive home....pick up to to to breuil le vert....sleep (hopefully after a wee taste of something)

friday: happy days! we're in la france.
saturday: le mariage! the demi-mariage is over and marielle becomes RENICH - married to brother the middle.
sunday: time to explore

oh yeah....then we drive back to back to 1.5 hours home at about midnight....then wake up and drive brother the eldest and brother the youngest to belfast airport to be there for 08h00.

they fly to PDX...arrive at to eugene about midnight....then brother th eldest gets up and goes to work at 04.30. YUCK.

sorry brother the eldest.

à la france! à bientôt


Kelly said...

Have a lovely time!! ~Kelly

Angie said...

That brother the eldest guy sounds amazing! How can one man do all that?! He must be some sort of superhero. I hope someday I can find myself a man as awesome as all that...