Saturday 25 August 2007


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we went to carrickfinn, donegal for our first anniversary. a couple weeks ago - i'm a bit behind obviously on the updates. the weather wasn't great except for the night we got there, as you can see from the photo. but it was very relaxing and a good break. we spent most of our time driving around, but stopped at glenveagh national park for a morning - the garden was really pretty and the lough lovely and rough. perfect. we also drove down to donegal town (a place i never need to go back to) but stopped at St John's Point along the way. it's a wee tiny sliver of land nearly to donegal town. lighthouse at the end and gorgeous seas.


Philip said...

glenveagh, lough, rough? are you showing the multiusage of the gh in Irish? :)

EilĂ­s said...

ogh course(gh) howgh elsegh wouldgh igh usegh itgh? :)

jonnybleu said...

amazing photos, love you guys, see you soon! lets plan a little after christmas shingdig hey?

Angie said...

woo hoo! one whole year!
congrats to both of you :)
love you!

Gail said...

Congratulations! :) And a most lovely photo, by the way. :)))

Best wishes to both of you as you enter Year Two, which no doubt will be one of many more wonderful years to come. :)

Benelux said...

Tomorrow is 12 for us. Only 11 more until you catch us up. We love you and miss you.