Saturday 10 May 2008

the long fall

Love has no defences. You only know it is love when it hurts.

The glory of GOD. We want it, we pray for it, we seek it. But do we find it? Where do we look?

We pray, ‘GOD, let YOUR glory rest here’ ‘we want YOUR glory to be in this place, situation…’

We want things ‘for YOUR glory’. But do we really know what we’re asking for? Do we understand that the what the glory is?

When JESUS asked for GOD to give HIM the glory so that the world could see it, HE was crucified. Is the Glory the pain? The suffering? The anguish of brokenness?

When we sit and look at someone on their deathbed do we see the broken image of CHRIST? The Glory of GOD?

They took HIS life, but they also broke HIM. We broke HIM. All so we could live in HIS glory. Is the moment of lonely agony, when the wind is like a howling empty darkness the true glory of GOD?

Is the glory of GOD revealed in the broken? In the boy with the guitar and special needs? In the old woman who can’t remember her child, let alone her own name, and her memories are long past? When do we cry out for CHRIST to join us? In our suffering, our brokenness, our pain.

When we loose our culture’s dignity and ‘humiliate’ ourselves, do we not get closer to the truth of CHRIST?

GOD is love. It’s not that HE can love, it’s that HE IS love. It is every bit of care, kindness, passion, desire that we could imagine. More even.

If love is CHRIST, and to glorify CHRIST we come unto death and pain, sacrifice and separation, then the glory is found in places we least expect. In the brokenness of the widower’s heart. In the seemed blankness of the stroke. In the stammer of the abused. There, in CHRIST’s brokenness, HE is glorified, non?

I don’t explain it well.

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peteroberts said...

Love your bloggs Eilish. Love your passion too. I must admit I get all confused about the 'glory' It's going on alot on God TV at the mo. they talk about the glory that surrounded the Tent when the Hebrews went through the desert. they talk about Moses coming down from the mountain and his face shinning so much he had to wear a veil. That is the normal concept of 'glory' Yet I think you make agood point about being with Christ in His sufferings. There is alot of talk about healing at the momment especially in the Roberts household and I DO believe that God wants wholeness in every part of our lives but I beleive in the God who comes along side the broken and wounded, the 'not yet whole'. Paul was beaten, nearly to death, we're not told of a healing service for him. He would have needed to be reminded that Jesus knew what it was to suffer. I also believe that it is because of Gods love and compassion that He wants to heal the boy with the stammer and the lady who can't see. why He doesn't do ai all the time I am still struggling with.........but one thing I DO know that it is ALL about Gods love and that is what brings Him glory and thats what I seek.
God bless you and Andy Eilish