Thursday 29 May 2008

talk v action

There are so many topics being discussed right now that I want to be involved in, yet I can’t help but thinking that I often just talk about things I say I’m passionate about, but don’t ever actually DO anything about them. It’s as if, when I discuss them, they become actions taken rather than just actions planned and discussed. So I’m trying to keep out of them and actually act out the plans.

This could be constituted as obvious or silly, but there are many times when I think I’m in a place or GOD’s said to do something and then it doesn’t work out or nothing happens and I just sit and wait for HIM to do something about it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m just going to fly off the handle, but going to try and make small changes to how I live and act so that I can be pro-active. Some things I can’t change living where I do and I want to make bigger improvements to the world. For instance, I can’t go to Africa and teach and change the education cycle. But I can support my brother and sister in Mongolia as they work to improve education there. I may not be able to change Tescos policies on where they get their food and how it comes to NI, but I can buy Fair Trade/Organic/Free Range where possible and get my raised beds up to grow my own vegetables watching how much electric and gas we use – generally trying to make my footprint smaller. Maybe it means sacrificing what I “want”.

Life moves pretty fast around here. We are running from one thing to the next, working crazy hours, trying to pack things in, and constantly saying we didn’t have enough time to do that, finish this, or talk to that person. I’d like to be more intentional in what I do – being more involved in things that are actually going to make a difference or are lasting. Maybe it means investing in relationships or taking on a church project or even reading a specific book.

Things that aren’t just talk, but bucking the trend, living more simply, glorifying GOD by a Biblical example, not a cultural one and so being able to look back at this time and make the beginning of a change in my “culture” and lifestyle.

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