Monday 14 July 2008

odd memories

today i had a really odd day of memory.

i used to get dreams where different parts of my life, which had no connections, would meet and people who had never heard of each other would be friends.

today felt a little like that.

1) Ems stadium - while mowing in the muggy weather memories of running the ride-on across the outfield of Civic came flooding back - what a great summer, what a weird mixture of events and memories. Sitting on the bleachers at Civic at midnight laughing and looking at the stars. breaking my finger falling off my bike. running in the heat at mount ashland with brian and wishing i had just run the whole race.

2) bagging old grass clippings smelled just like Minnesota after the ball field was mown and had been sitting out for a day after the thunder storms. old days of baseball with Laframs and David Ray.

3) talking with my brother about running - remembering the first time i kept up with Phil and Harold on Fall Creek Trail and the days when i couldn't run from wheezing. the dry heat on the mckenzie river trail and driving harold's truck around after Phil's race directing. wishing i was running distance, proper distance, with the coyotes. sitting in phil's back garden drinking and up river with a bottle of chardonnay.

4) texting Ali Mc. about abbey road studios and remembering the tea boy, who i envied for his job, while sitting at the feet of one of the best mastering engineers ever. then thinking of all the hours, days, and years at michael's studio, talking about mixing, and life, and eating pizza and henry's at midnight and still having to finish mixing afterwards.

odd how one memory triggers another and then people and places get mixed up and nearly run each other out of my mind with their pushing to the fore-front.

wonder what they'll be like in another ten years.

wish i was sitting at high street with a blue corvette around the corner.


Angie said...

ahhh memories....

my fave: Christmas eve snacks and slides with an ever-growing league of family :)

EilĂ­s said...

such great times!! (except when dad gets out the pictures of me with no clothes at 4 years standing by the christmas tree!! those are just embarrassing!)