Friday 19 September 2008

to the short one

It may have been the smile that instantly made us friends.
But then again, your laugh was infectious.
Yet even as you laugh over the top of it,
There’s much more to you than you let on.
Why do you hide it?
The smile caught me
Or was it your laugh?
Your friendship is refreshing
Your standards high
But there is more than a glimmer of pain
Behind your eyes, waiting
Laughter masking your true self
There is a hidden depth to you
More pain, more joy, more of you.
You hide behind yourself
What about you
Do you not like?
There I more to you
Than meets the eye
More than you know
Keep open
Keep allowing for your gaze to be widened
You are HIS son
HE wants all of this for you
See what is at your fingertips?
Take it.
It’s all a gift for you
A gift of love to you.

1 comment:

Aaron and Suellen said...

E! Is this dedicated to almost all your friends? Seriously, how many are actually taller than you? I still can't believe someone had the gonads to chase you, you are a fierce Amazon!