Saturday 29 November 2008


It’s unclear whether of not wisdom comes with age. For the older I become the more confused and unwise I feel. Would it be wiser to break all ties with the world and protect a pained heart? Would it be wiser to show that broken object to you, giving you the possibility of bruising it even more? Is there wisdom in trust? Does wisdom come really from life, or is it what happens in life that gives it? I wonder, is wisdom offered, given, or granted? Does one have to accept it?

Blinding whiteness.
Stunning the senses and sending the head reeling into saffron and crimson.
Sparkling across paradise and passion
Light sends her caress to the earth.
Waking in the dawning, the colours are shown.
Brilliancy yet to be born
As brief glimpses wink through the trees.

Help me LORD
For I'm drowning in YOUR love.
This desire for more of YOU is over-whelming my soul.
Cover me, LORD. Kill me with YOUR grace.
Pave the way so my life can take more of YOU.
Open the floods onto my heart as I crave more passion
Beyond anything I've known before.

i seem to have lost my ability to write and finish anything. it's all frustrating scraps of .... of something. there comes a point in the writing and i have nothing left in my head, but the lines gape and end without an ending. what have i lost? or what have i gained that doesn't allow for the finishing?


Anthrodoc_1 said...

Maybe try looking a voice found in the sidewalk, the brick, or the smell of peat.

(see Witman's Miracle poem)

Be well.

Jen said...

Hey lovely juxtaposition of words there. Why not challenge yourself? Do you try and bounce your words off a significant or off significant others? I tried with my scraps of poems this year and it has helped so much. I have been able to draft and redraft, organise and theme my work and create something constructive with purpose. I pray God would give you a similar gift of creativity.

Eilís said...

@anthrodoc - thanks. it's been awhile since i've read whitman. i'd forgotten how lovely it is.