Wednesday 26 August 2009


There stood Anne and Diana,gazing bashfully at each other over a clump of gorgeous tiger lilies. "Oh, Diana," said Anne at last, clasping her hands and speaking almost in a whisper, "oh, do you think you can like me a little--enough to be my bosom friend?"

Three years ago we moved. It wasn't a major move, so I thought. What's thirty miles of good road between friends? But with no car and no way of travelling the miles myself, I discovered that thirty miles was enough to end what I thought were friendships and turned out to be acquaintances. I was crushed. Yet what is to be done? You move on and keep living. I met people here and there, thought I was making friends, and discovered once again that growing up in a different country, with no family ties here, I was on the outside.

Continuing my desperate prayer for a friend, I have made a few in the past several months that have potential. But I'm wary. Tired of giving myself to people who will walk away when the novelty wears off. People who go back to those they've known their whole lives.

Then I met Anne. She's not really called Anne, but it suits her, and me. For she's Anne to my Diana. It is rare to find a true friend. Rarer still to realise the friendship at the first meeting. I am blessed by this friendship. Sometimes it seems that it is a fault that I can't seem to be "friends" with people. Am I too serious? Not shallow, frivolous enough? I know I do not hold "normal" conversations well. I want to know about the person I'm with, not have to talk about someone else or gossip about so and so. Maybe because I'm an outsider people don't want that type of friendship.

But here I am met. Soul to Soul. It is as if we've spent years getting over the shallows and have jumped straight into the deep, only without the years of historical getting to know you.

This friendship is worship - it's seeing God. His beauty and life and love. The seriousness of knowing Him in the heart of another and showing Him in my heart is here. In the laughter and fun and joy - and will probably be in tears and sorrow at some point. Oh, I know there will be more, year of this beauty. I haven't been told, but I know.

"Well, did you find Diana a kindred spirit?" asked Marilla as they went up through the garden of Green Gables. "Oh yes," sighed Anne.


Anonymous said...

yea :)

Aaron and Suellen said...

There is nothing difficult about being friends with you-you are special and wondeful!

paul smith said...

yea :)