Wednesday 28 October 2009


The last couple months have been odd. Not in a bad way, just....well... in an odd way.
We spent most of sept in America for our holiday. It was good but seriously thought provoking.

I ran a 31mile trail race at the beginning of the holiday. Was gutted about the performance and didn't run the rest of the month. I struggled (am struggling) with this one. Came home without a whole lot of motivation or ideas of what to do about training. My back wasn't great so there wasn't a whole lot I could do.

Then last weekend I ended up talking for a couple hours to someone I don't really know about running and training. It was a great laugh, even if it meant standing in the rain for 5 hours. And something about that discussion has given me back my training motivation. Odd how motivation can come from the most unexpected places. I still need to sort out some things in my head, but it's great to have a bit more focus.

Need to remember I come from Track Town USA.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing here for two months.
Welcome back. I hear 'growth'.