Tuesday 9 November 2004


If I choose to send thee, Tuor son of Huor, then believe not that thy one sword is not worth the sending. For the valour of the Edain the Elves shall ever remember as the ages lengthen, marvelling that they gave life so freely of which they had on earth so little. But it is not for thy valour only that I send thee, but to bring into the world a hope beyond thy sight, and a light that shall pierce the darkness."

some days i just want to become a hermit. in a croft on a wee bit of land. and read lots. and write lots. i should smile if i could write anything this inspiring or beautiful.


pseudonym said...

Know the feeling

BeautiPhil said...

a bit of a parellel i dind't post on my site that i thought of when i read this:

"The people who sat in darkness saw a great light,
And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death
Light has dawned."
Matthew 4:16 (NKJ)

Anthrodoc_1 said...

From James Ramsey Ullman's "American’s on Everest"
We need sometimes that poetry should not be droned into our ears but flashed into our senses.

Not all poetry comes in writing. We do our best, but I feel that sometimes mine quality appears in other avenues. As always, be well...