Wednesday 10 November 2004

the draw of the look

Standing in a crowd
anonymous in its size
i could loose myself here
and no one would know.
then YOU walk past
and our eyes meet.
YOU know everything i've never told
all in that one glance.
no choice do i have
but to push through the crowd
to try and get closer.
i want another look into those eyes.
maybe i was mistaken
YOU turn before going through the doors
once again our gaze locks
and i tremble in the passion i see there.
i cry out with the thought of it.
frantic now, i push against the multitude
this mass of humanity moving away from YOU.
but it's in that throne room YOU sit.
desperately i want to come in and bow
to look again at that love.
there can't be anything i've done
for i don't know YOU.
but now, as i come before YOUR throne
i bow and offer up empty hands
there's nothing to give
except me
so i'm YOURS.

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Anthrodoc_1 said...

Ah, sources of inspiration are so... inspiring :)