Thursday 23 December 2004


Originally uploaded by Eilís.
just a beautiful taste of what is left behind.

The Mountains here are high and stark
Beyond the hills that rise
Trees and flowers will shine green and gold
As Ducks reach for the prize.

Tie-dyed shirts, drums and dread-lock hair,
Remind us of the Dead
Farmer's Market on Saturday
Organic: all are fed.

"It never rains" on Saturdays
At Autzen in the fall
To join as one, to shout and cheer
"Go Ducks!" will be our call.

Peaceful morning and light comes through
Rain begins falling down
Here I sit while I dream of you
Eugene, my heart, my town.


AshleyJoy said...

Funny thing is that home will be exactly the same when you come back... well, more or less! Love you.

Niloy said...

Nice poem. And the picture is awesome!