Saturday 12 February 2005


Originally uploaded by Eilís.
there is something so satisfying about putting together a wardrobe the correct way when the joiner, who was paid to do it, failed to get it right. So now my wardrobe is waiting for me to put the hinges and doors on it. And the only war wounds were a split piece of plywood, and a broken finger. *laughing* I'm serious!! I did break my finger. It would be funnier if I hadn't run a race today and now it's throbbing to the moon. But at least it was at the end of the wardrobe fixing. *grin*


BeautiPhil said...

"only" warwounds eh?
way to go :-P

Anonymous said...

i agree! extremely satisfying as a member of the female species! wounds heal but the wardrobe will still be up :)