Sunday 13 February 2005

ireland 40 scotland 13

ireland 40 scotland 13
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home pitch advantage? not really. the match began with a scotland 8-0 lead. we caught the first half of the first half and left the race ground in coleraine with scotland up 8-3. ten minutes later we turned on the radio and ireland was up 18-8. shocked, we looked at each other and asked "what happened?" flip me, we missed just about 15 minutes of play. second half started with another try and while scotland made mistake after mistake, ireland took it to the try line. 40 minutes later scotland was released from the agony of the pitch to the misery of a match poorly fought.

the most encouraging might just have been that while we were playing without our captain *brian o'driscoll* and one of our key players *gordon d'arcy*, paul o'connell's captaincy stepped up and the replacements of girven dempsey and gavin duffy were brilliant. indeed, duffys debut try showed glimpses of usefulness to the ireland side.

next week: england, are they scotland in disguise?


Chris Cope said...

The wheels have come off for England. Some defending world champions they've turned out to be. Meanwhile, I think if Wales can defeat France this weekend, the Six Nations could be ours.

Eilís said...

Low-swinging, sweet chariot for sale. Call Clive at Twickenham!

England forgot that it still needed to play even if Wilko isn't fit enough for fly-half.

Will definately have to argue that claim of Wales getting the 6 Nations. They'd have to beat us, and our Apostrophe Lads will be back.