Monday 14 February 2005

unexpected kindness

today people all over the modern world are rushing around trying to be romantic. if this is what romance really is hinging on, why do we subscribe to it? please, this is pathetic. flowers on a specific day? chocolates and fuzzy bears? why is that romance? what's so special and thoughtful about that? doesn't it seem more "right" that romance would be unexpected kindness? how kind are flowers on a day we are told they must be given? which is more romantic: chocolates and roses on the 14 february, or my favorite ben & jerry's ice cream and a favorite movie when i'm feeling blue? it seems to me that what romance is really about is the care and kindness to find out about another, their joys, their needs, their loves, and then act on that knowledge. romance. unexpected kindness.

happy valentine's day.

thanks mom *grin*


Kelly said...

I completely agree, E! Valentines Day has become probably the most UNromantic day ever. I noticed that at the grocery store last night... about 40 guys looking stressed like nobody's business as they half-heartedly grabbed icky chocolates & balloons. :)

And you're right: The good ones are the ones that do fun stuff when nobody's watching or expects it! :)

Anthrodoc_1 said...

(Two Step - Dave Matthews Band) "Life is short but sweet for certain..." - each day is valentines...

Julie said...

The commercial has smoothered
any romance for lovers
and made gifts feel
forced and the same

Choclate Red and Pink
not my thing...
but still he could have done SOMETHING yesterday.

I know I don't want him to be forced
but when he came home late

I kind of suspected that he
had something planned...
but I was wrong.

TimTrump said...
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Aaron and Suellen said...

One of the best gifts Aaron ever gave me was a new set of windshield wipers. He knew I'd had a bad hydroplaning experience as a teen and observed that I was nervous driving in a heavy rain with my crappy wipers. I knew he was a keeper because he wanted me to be safe but also wanted me to feel safe. If you find one like that, hang on with both hands!