Sunday 13 February 2005


riot gear sized
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My uni dept went to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. It But because I live basically next door to the police station we visited, I was the lucky chosen one to wear riot gear. I don't know how they move in this stuff. It weights over 4.5 stones. For those of you who work in lbs and kilos, that's over half my body weight! Granted this is made for a man, but I'm taller than most of them, so it's just about this awkward on them as well. at least you aren't carrying a gun while carting the shield. either or, it's a lot of extra weight!

Wouldn't really want to come across someone dressed like this in the dark, but granted, in the middle of a riot, they are better equiped than the riot starters.

rather scary either way. but cool too. the gear was great. sorry to all the pacifists out there. I liked it.

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Aaron and Suellen said...

I liked it too! Especially the part where I got to beat you with the stick! That was cool.