Wednesday 16 March 2005

QUB 5K Promo Picture

QUB 5K Promo Picture
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queens uni athletic club puts on a 5k race 13 april as a precourser to the belfast city marathon the 2 may. we were the "athletes" for the promo picts that made it to the queens website and into the Irish News, one of our daily papers.

how random is that!?

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Anonymous said...

hey sis,
whatäs up with paris anyazs, coming up moday evening at 9... i got a quick email from krys and she said we could come there... i sort of want to see the galvez too though... so yeah...
i have no phones here, so can you give them a ring please
01 45 67 68 42
thanks sis
email me, i cant find your email addy
text me if you need, normal michigan number
peace from switz, so beautiful here...