Monday 14 March 2005

shrek 2 and Ben & Jerry's

that look--that's the one i fell in love with.
it makes me smile, that one does,
and turn a bit pink.
you gave it to me again
even though your lips are silent.
your eyes speak for you.
almost i had forgotten that glance,
but you reminded me.
it nearly scared me it was so strong.
the power of it took my breath away.
i have a wee hope your lips will someday say
what your eyes tell me now.
but in the meantime,
please keep looking.


Kelly said...

You are a lovely romantique, my dear. Beautiful writing! I love reading it all. Keep up the heart-felt work. Love you & can't wait to see you soon!

AshleyJoy said...

So beautiful, so poignant, and so true.

Chris said...

I know about that one.... sigh.