Saturday 9 April 2005

psni scum

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this is the tag at the end of the street right now....who knows why, but i'm sure we could come up with a bunch of ideas. the local UVF leader just got arrested, his pub closed and the local estates are rather tense in response. two blocks down the road, the opposing loyalist paras *LVF* in their pub are celebrating and it's leaving friction for the general public. the police *PSNI* are out in force, but really, they don't do anything about it. if you want any security around here, you go to the paras and everyone knows that.

last week the 2 bangladeshi young men across the street were intimidated out of their house...paint bombs, racial slurs, and "neighbourly" comments brought them fear and one bright sunday afternoon they left in a packed taxi. the indian family next door is probably wondering how long they'll be able to stay.

four weeks to the elections. and you call this a peace process?

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