Sunday 10 April 2005


where is it? cause I can't find it anywhere. no, i've tried since i was 9 to find it. let me explain that it's actually been searched for in a number of places around the world.

in september i thought i found it. i was wrong. if you know where it is, please let me know. i'm getting close to desperate in finding it. it's getting tiring and frustrating. in fact, there are days when the searching is down right discouraging.

keep looking? why?


Chris Cope said...

What else would you do but keep searching? Sometimes that alone can make life worth living. Well, unless what you are looking for are white chocolate Kit-Kats -- I can send you some of those.

Eilís said...

unfortunately, chris, i've given up chocolate....*grin* no really, I have. maybe that's the problem. how about some good coffee. it's hard to get here. :-) keep 'er lit!

Eilís said...
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calvo said...

Of course, a lot depends upon what it is you're searching for. Sometimes, though, the best course of action is to stop searching and let it find you of its own accord.