Sunday 12 June 2005


today it was beautiful--about 17 degrees C, sunny and almost hot. *odd for Belfast even in June, so it is.*

I spent my day wondering if the mental blocks are going to be too big to hurdle, if my lungs will ever heal, if my shoddy achilles can handle the stress, if my heart is big enough to keep going...wondering if racing will ever be a reality again. Not racing like any punter, but I mean really really racing. Racing with the likes of people who are good enough to run for Ireland. It's only two laps. But two laps equals a lifestyle...can my life be the life of a runner again?


Anthrodoc_1 said...

Mankind is is abound with stories of huyman triumph. Believe in who you can and will be. Best of luck and keeping running. Slainte.

Aaron and Suellen said...

Ditto that, but I hvae also had experiences where not being able to do something anymore has strangely opened new doors I might not have gone through otherwise-don't be discouraged! God has wonderful gifts for you in forms you may not be able to imagine!