Tuesday 14 June 2005

this is getting to me

two days.
18 shots of an inhaler
got to be an answer to this
went to the doc today
got two more inhalers
stronger dose of meds
that can't be the right answer
neither is her request
to give up running
and start taking steroids
the ones i won't take
cause they're banned substances.
two months of no running
it's beginning to get me down


calvo said...

is this not something you had to contend with when you ran before?

Chris Cope said...

As a lifetime asthmatic, I can tell you that using an inhaler too frequently can actually become ineffective. Obviously you don't want to put your health at risk by forgoing proper medication, but if you feel comfortable doing so I would try to sit upright and focus on breathing calmly.

Actually, I would follow doctor's orders and take the steroids until your condition improves. Keep in mind that you've got at least a decade in you during which you can remain top-level competitive.

Just treat it as you would/should any other injury -- shin splints or a torn ACL. Give it time to heal properly.

Aaron and Suellen said...

We will pray for both your body and spirit!

rach said...

Is it allergy related? The hay fever season is particularly bad this year. I've used Ventolin more in the last month than I think I did in the last 2 years. Just a thought?

rach said...
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Chris said...

Bless you so much, lean on him and learn from him.

He loves you.
I love you.