Tuesday 12 July 2005

12 july

the bonfires are lit
6 stories high
disrespect and fear.
northern ireland is burning
just like every year.
marches, lambegs, and pipes
short strand surrounded
two murders in 9 days
paramilitaries tit-for-tat
please, God, not tonight.
my house smells like smoke
bands march tomorrow
please peace over my country
please no headlines.


Anonymous said...

my email has been bouncing all gmail addresses, even when they're spelled right... ummm...
so yeah, i sent out a sort of update, if you didn't get it tell me cause it keeps coming back, for ben's too and another of my friends that uses gmail, dumb.

Aaron and Suellen said...

tru dat. last night I felt like I could breathe again after holding my breath for two days (of course some of that could be from all the black smoke). It still seems like to much happened to call it 'peaceful...'