Wednesday 13 July 2005


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spent the day at the sea with a brief stop to make sure that Don Quixote was wrong about windmills.

the temp was 32 C. the sun was blazing, so it was, and pink shoulders and arms was the result. at least one of us turns brown within 24 hours and doesn't stay pink for days. *grin*


Mr Pink said...

...well it's not that I'm gloating, but I don't believe I was the one who was feeling sunburnt the next day, so I wasn't. *grins*

EilĂ­s said...

The Brown Girl says...
...fair play to you, that's true. but that day is over and I'm now quite I am. *grin*

Kelly said...

oh you stinker! :) I am one of those eternal pinkies