Monday 18 July 2005

bridge over waverley

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saturday in edinburgh (no gary, not gretna green).

my favourite city. it's such a brilliant mix of old architecture and new ideas. the people are friendly and (brilliantly) there are no flags!

what a relaxing day. there was no agenda, just got off the ferry, so we did, and began driving. it was perfect weather. the shades were on all day...sun sun sun. what a novel thought.

the city was bustling and preparing for the festival...and the Tattoo! yay for them, what a fantastic festival and performance. i was able to catch a bit of it in 2000 and it's worth the trip back again. might try to head back there for it with helen.

for some reason i can think of nothing else to write so i'm going to leave with that and go BBQ my tuna.


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BeautiPhil said...

mmmmmmmmm, tuna. good stuff isn't it? ;-)