Monday 18 July 2005


time frame:

05h45: alarm goes off
06h10: showered, ready to go, coffee brewing
06h30: leave house, packed car, driving to docks
07h40: on ferry, leaving for scotland
09h25: arrive stranraer, scotland
09h55: on the road to edinburgh

plenty of camera stops. pictures posted tomorrow.

13h05 arrive edinburgh
13h30 lunch: the royal mcgreger. broke being a vegetarian to eat haggis--it was lovely.

wandered about the city for a couple hours. found some cool jewelry, bought a couple CDs, a book for my bro (posted next week), then on to meet Alice for some craic.

she's lovely. glad you have such great friends.

20h30: leave edinburgh
20h45: find way out of edinburgh *grin*
23h01: arrive at stranraer docks
23h35: board ferry
00h03: ferry leaves for belfast
03h10: arrive belfast
03h45: arrive bed. whew!

brilliant day. real update with pictures to follow.


calvo said...

haggis seems like a pretty extreme way to break your vegetarianism!

while I can't say that I've ever had it, it sounds kinda it actually good?

Eilís said...

it is actually very good. it was completely worth it. *grin*

wish you could try it sometime. you'll have to take my word for it, so you will. :-)

Chris said...

Would you be up for doing it again in a years time? :o)

I'm all for doing it in reverse!

We WILL have that coffee... I'm determined.

Eilís said...

of course, in fact, i'll come over just for that coffee in celebration of you moving there, so i will!

excited to hear about it.