Thursday 28 July 2005

lake district--saturday

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last weekend, my mate Giff and I went to the lake district in england. It was a brilliant weekend as there are times when the city of Belfast just weighs on me and I need a break to the country. This was definitely it! saturday we spent out on windermere lake ( with a canoe. the four of us: Giff, Olly, Charles, myself and later on, Jono, set out in the canoe to discover and claim the "uninhabited island." forget about 12 year old war games. it was pirates galore here. unfortunately it wasn't uninhabited...there were wild ferrets on the island.
wild ferrets

spending all day on the water and running around makes for great appetites so we took the BBQs up to the rocky bluff overlooking the lakes and hills.



Chris said...

It's beautiful, isn't it?

I'm glad you got to see it.

Chris Cope said...

That Pimms looks beautiful. You've sorted my evening's libations for me. I'll be having the same.