Thursday 28 July 2005

lake district--sunday

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sunday took giff, charles, olly, mary and i too the hills near coniston. it was a beautiful day to start with and then turned rather northern irish as the clouds rolled in after about an hour of hiking. we took the guide book with us, and with olly giving us tips from the guide at everystep, it was inevitable that we would take the wrong route and have to cut crosscountry over one of the hills to get to the ridgeline. up and down hills—a couple hours later we were heading down. mary and i one way and the boys another. it became a race to the miner’s bridge and we won. *grin—sorry olly*

stopping for ice cream on the way back was the sensible thing to do and then we were off to the cottage. mary napped while giff, olly and i went to evensong at the local very wee parish. walking in a bit late, we had no idea where we were in the service. without the kindness of a parishioner, we would have been completely lost. afterwards we declined the fellowship and glass of wine to go back to the cottage for tea, but giff and i both said we’d never felt so guilty refusing a glass of nice red wine. *laughing* and even from the minister.

it really was a brilliant weekend. olly's hospitality was unbelievable...ta for the vegetarian food!

giff and i nearly missed the plane back from manchester to belfast monday morning. we were so long through security that they drove us out to the plane on the tarmac!! it was brilliant, so it was.

now on to the next thing...

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