Monday 24 October 2005

looking at donegal

looking at donegal
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imagine looking over the sea to those hills of donegal? hmmm. i think living up here would be ideal. maybe a holiday home someday?


Anthrodoc_1 said...

Pulls my heart strings to walk again the loamy paths of Donegal. Soon... hopefully soon.

Aaron and Suellen said...

Holiday homes are for Spain, South of France, Croatia, somewhere warm and sunny. We've had more sun in Virginia the last three weeks then I had the last three months of Belfast. Today I laid out on October 31 with barely a breeze and temps in the seventies! Donegal is lovely and Mussenden too. How about a holiday home in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia?

EilĂ­s said...

anthrodoc_1--soon you should. rejuvenate the poetry donegal brings.

suellen--you'd have me saying "y'all" within a week. *grin*