Wednesday 26 October 2005

remembering Bilbo

and all of the sudden i remembered Bilbo. what will it be like when we're old do you think?

Thoughts of Bilbo

I hold the cup up to the light
It glimmers red and gold
The flowers there are fading now
The room goes dark and cold.

Your face once smirked across the room
I smile now to think
Of all the glasses raised and poured
Before the one last drink

The embers will burn as one still strong
The fire will soon fade
For memories of your love and grace
My heart of stone is made.

Putting my lips up to the cup
I dream of long ago
When you and I and no one else
Were all need ever know.

I hold the cup, one empty now
And think of how I’ll be
With you away from my arms reach
Alone, I cannot see.

1 comment:

Anthrodoc_1 said...

Maybe, like Cuchulain, picking the short, heroic life suits us better? Of course, all these things done in proverbial youth will become fun stories if we can find anyone to listen. Be well.