Thursday 17 November 2005

Harold's visit

Harold's visit
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my mate/part-time coach/fellow coyote graced me with his presence after running the Dublin Marathon.

we had such a great time and it was brilliant to have him catch a glimpse of life in Belfast. i think he enjoyed himself--i sure did. especially introducing him to my athletics club.

my coach, bobby, was thrilled with the Oregon Ultra Running Series t-shirt. i was thrilled with the Eugene Weekly Newspaper, the MRTR race Shirt, and the deschutes gold. it was good craic.


Anonymous said...

What, no comments on Harolds visit? I have it on good authority that Harold had the time of his life in Belfast and looks forward to his next trip there! Harold

EilĂ­s said...

you would be most welcome, so you would!! i'll plan better so would be able to be a better tour guide.