Thursday 24 November 2005

training, flying, and other random bits

there is a bit of recovery happening to my tired mind and body. it's very nice. we are all still living out of boxes and i need a chest of drawers terribly so my clothing isn't living in piles on the floor. but we've got a lovely, warm house, even if the wall paper is hideous. *snigger*

last night i realised that the past two training sessions i had were fairly difficult cause i was training at 6 min mile pace. the last set was slower. *grin* no wonder my legs are tired. but no more races for at least a week and then maybe one more before heading to oregon for christmas. could use another before christmas...yeah, you oregonians, that's a least a pisgah.

tomorrow night andrew and i are supposed to fly to luton and drive 2.5 hours to eastbourne. *i'm driving...woohoo* but it's supposed to snow and the weather is so bad that the ferries to scotland and england have been cancelled. pants! i am really looking forward to the break, to the conference we're going to, and to being in sussex again, so i am. come on easyJet, don't fail me now!

and in other news....well, there isn't really any, sorry.

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