Friday 31 March 2006

radiohead and beck

in between getting married and having a service of blessing
in between travelling 10000 miles
in between driving 32 hours and coming back home
in between sussing out american and northern irish customs

we're going to see radiohead and beck in dublin.


Kelly said...

Sounds busy... and FUN! :) Hey, if you have time to do all that, don't you have time to drop me back an email one of these days...??? ;)

Chris said...

Sounds great! My diary doesn't go as far as September... students!

But it's in the notes at the back. I will be there.

Angie said...

Beck & Radiohead... cool.

Oh, and all that other stuff sounds good too.

Love ya!

BeautiPhil said...

angie the your profile picture is so adorable!!! :D

Anonymous said...

You can't really put the expression of jealousy on my face into words. Radiohead!!!!?????!! Urrrrrgghhhh!!!!!

Big bro