Saturday 25 March 2006


sitting with my back against the wall it was easy to watch the world go by, and easier than engaging in it....

i wonder what they are talking about. they're laughing alot, but it's a serious coversation cause if you look at either ones eyes they're looking away from the other to collect their composure and then continue.

then there is that guy over there with his newspaper and pint. i wonder why he's sitting on a friday evening in a pub by himself.

maybe he's like me and thinks sometimes that sitting alone allows him to realise how much he likes being a part of two instead of one. does he think at times of the aweful thoughts of being one again?

what do i learn from watching people i don't know? do i discount their actions cause that's just how they are? or do i give them the benefit of the doubt that they've just had a horrible day and no one knows about it? or what about just sitting with someone known and not allowing them to become complacent? where are the challenges of relationship that need to take place. why don't we correct anyone anymore? what are we afraid of? huh? what are we afraid of?

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