Thursday 28 September 2006

no sitting

well, i went to yet another physio, and i think this is the one who will fix me. for more than the last year i've been having this crazy hip/knee pain. i trained off and on last year and then in Nov had to stop pretty much completely. when in Oregon for christmas i tried to run with the Coyotes and couldn't do it. that realisation was the worst part. so running hasn't been in the picture for 10 months. and the pain has only been getting worse. so now it's about a 3 constantly and some days it'll hang around a 6 of 10. tuesday i went to a new physio. she asked questions for a 1/2 hour before touching my leg. i was impressed by that, and her questions. by the time i walked out of there i was in less pain than i had been in months, she'd pin-pointed what was wrong and had told me i needed to stop sitting. lol.

so my disk at L-3 has a tiny mircro tear and little bits of fluid are leaking out and hitting the nerve that goes to my knee and then affecting the hip as well. this is causing the muscles in my back to spasm which is why my back is hurting. it's like a jelly donut being squeezed. or your knuckle having a cut and bending your finger. everytime you bend your finger it opens up again and doesn't heal. this is my problem. it's common with runners and sitting puts pressure on the disk, which in turn lets out more fluid, thus aggravating the nerve even more and the cycle is repeated.

so i'm only supposed to slouch and lie on my back with my knees up. or stand, and walk a wee bit. not being able to sit is more difficult than you think. so i'm slouched on the couch at the moment, trying to type out my lesson plan for tonight and only partially succeeding. :)

but she did give me hope. she said maybe i could be running in 8 weeks! i'll say Christmas, that's giving her and myself extra time to heal. maybe i can run on Christmas. i'd love to run on thanksgiving as i know my family will be as well. we'll see.

keep ya posted. x

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