Monday 25 September 2006

?que dice mama?

en la case de los Ruiz, que dice mama a Ernesto?
Mama dice '!Ernesto, barre la ropa!'

this is the first bit of spanish i learned, whenever i was tutoring french at LCC. it was taught to me by a wild and dashing spaniard named Carlos. i couldn't speak a lick of spanish and he was teaching me the subjunctive tense without me realising it.

now i realise it and so has someone else!!! i got a phone call today from the further education institute (adult learning and school leavers) asking me to teach their spanish course this semestre. woohoo!

2.5 hours thursday nights. flip me, what on earth am i going to talk about for two and a half hours. in spanish. to people whoh don't speak it? *laughing!*

och it'll be good craic.


CuzNuz Ruth said...

just how many languages do you speak? Horray for the job!

Anonymous said...

haha that's awesome! go teach them important things like how to canoe raging torrents or how to ride a french tgv in style (i can be a guest speaker for that one with my beautiful franspangol), et.c.. you know, the important stuff.

speaking of important stuff, you can be praying cause dec 15 is going to be my last day petting honey bees and the beginning of an insane edurelief/nonprofit/ministry life. going to be grand... scary though.

love ya


Eilís said...

lol. thanks Ruth. French, Spanish and a smattering of Italian. but that just gets full of French and Spanish. :)

J--check email.

Anonymous said...

Buen trabajo! :) Que divertido que estaras la nueva profesora de espanol! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! :)


BeautiPhil said...

i speak bits and pieces occassionally with my coworkers.

Eilís said...

kelly--woohoo. gracias, i have to remember to 'th' my c's and z's. :)

philip--that's cause you work with the great Nacho.