Friday 6 October 2006

forth eorlingas

you are one of 3000,
against 10,000 strong.
faltering, you wonder why you came.
this isn't your war,
your land,
or your people.

but it will be soon.

unless you fight for them.
those in the city on the horizon.
you can hear the screams
for their city was breached in the night.

they're dying, with no one to lead them
but a wayward stranger.
without king, the people will not survive.

you look at your king.
your KING!
he's riding before his troops.
willing to ride to his death,
for another land
another people.
courage fills you as you follow.

whatever happens, follow him.

ride now! ride now! ride!
ride to ruin, and the worlds ending!

horns blow and you ride.
so save those people
and to save your own.
what a price for the King's life.

forth Eorlingas.

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