Friday 6 October 2006

home alone

it's amazing how pessismestic you can be when you're alone. tonight is my first night without Andrew since we've been married. granted we've only been married two months (yesterday), but still.

it's odd, this. you wonder what to do to occupy your time. you think differently when watching a film, or admiring your newly delivered china.

the wind is still blowing as much as it did when he was on the other couch, but tonight it seems louder. the house is as quiet as it is when he's next to me, but tonight it's quieter, and the noises are louder.

i think when i was single, i wrote alot more, cause i get much more lyrical when i'm 'alone'. of course i know Andrew returns tomorrow. of course i realise that it's only a few hours.

but it's lonely. and i miss him.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how that works?? I lived entirely alone in a studio before I got married, and I never felt lonely. Once I got married, I miss him entirely too much when he is gone :)


Aaron and Suellen said...

I still feel like that too, after 9 years, but sometimes now it is easier to see it as "me" time, and watch a favorite movie or something. When he worked midnights I thought it would be really weird to sleep alone again, but it was actually not bad, sleeping diagonally with all th ecovers to myself!