Tuesday 24 October 2006


i love taking the train places. yes, at time i'm travelling through rough or indtustrial estates, but it still holds a bit of romantic adventure. settling in with my cup of tea and a newspaper, i could just as well be in the 1950's or even the roaring '20's, and travelling the Orient Express...or winding my way through stark Africa. The sparkling, golden days and the blue velvet nights. one never know what will happen on a train. it could be the most boring trip....or....it could be fraught with espionage, murder, romance, restless days, and desperate nights.

now the train is crammed with people. the relative peace has been shattered. mobiles are ringing, and a foul manwreaking of smoke has just sat down behind me. where are they all going? surely they'll get off soon. of all of the days for the express (proper) train to be delayed--and to be forces to join the commoners on the 'public' service.

oh for the romance--for the 1st class and a waitor. for a refill of tea, the tinkling of china, and the handsome stranger walking down the aisle.

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Anthrodoc_1 said...

Velvet nights... golden days. Well crafted. Something very "kodak" about riding trains, or I would imagine, not having ridden one... yet. Be well.