Thursday 12 October 2006


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yay it's autumn! these days are my favourite...when it's about 10 degrees and the sun is blazing. there was a heavy mist the morning, hanging about the fields like a blanket 3 feet off the ground. the smell is that brackish smell of leaves dying on the trees and melding into soil on the floor. but these on my table i saved. saved for their colour and shape. maybe if all leaves turned into coloured maple leaves in the autumn, more would end up as table decorations and less as food for the soil.


CuzNuz Ruth said...

Hi Eilís, I'm glad you put up this blog. I wanted to comment on the beauty of the pictures when I saw them on Flicke but am unable to comment there. Love your arrangement. Fall is also my favorite time of year and I am fortunate that there are lots of different varieties of maples in the yards around our home.

Anonymous said...

hey guess what!?

we're coming to see you! =)

j + m

Eilís said...

@ruth: maples are so lovely! i'm trying to decide what type to plant in the back garden.

@j/m: Waw, so excited. x

Aaron and Suellen said...

Beware the slippery wet leaves on asphalt in Northern Ireland! It's like walking on ice! Fun, but potentially deadly!