Wednesday 7 March 2007

day in the life of...

gorgeous morning for a "jog" (i put jog in quotes here as it's only a jog for 100 paces and only after 300 paces of walking, and only for 20-30 min - so it's not really a jog, more like a slog). the sun in blazing and it's probably about 13C....55F for you Americans, and there's only a very slight bit of wind. a relief from the gales of the past few days.

flowers are blooming everwhere, snowdrops are almost done and the crocuses (or is that croci?) and daffodils are coming out in droves. tulips are starting to make their presence known and my hydrangea bushes are leafing out like they'll be gone tomorrow. can't wait to start weeding that back "garden" that is getting to look like a lawn with all the grass growing.

today i shall return to fighting with autotune. version 5. why on earth cann't all versions be updated at the same time? yesterday i was working on some random version up at amberville, started to get a handle on it all, running everything through an SSL desk is such a delight....only to come home and find that i was running a different version of the program! Doh!

this progect is getting to the line and needs to be finished. vocal editing will be done today. i'm going to have to guarantee that. but now i need to get off this computer and started.

enjoy life.

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