Wednesday 14 March 2007

bbc radio 1

just in the middle of final mixing and the computer wanted updated. so i've a few minutes to wait before i start the next's all going well, been speaking to the replication place over on the mainland, why are all technologically employed english blokes called Simon?! :)

meanwhile, i'm still gloating over my day yesterday. was up at the studio, spent the first three and a half hours wasting time as the band didn't show up on time. took apart a lexicon effects unit and watched Enda stick his finger on a bit, get a massive shock, and then touch is again to see what would happen. doh. so the band finally came, finally! they are being showcased on BBC Radio 1 tonight and needed recorded. just a three piece, so it was an easy set up, patch in and record. four tracks, recorded and mixed.

not a bad days work, too bad i don't listen to Radio1. (teeheehee)

right, computer's back on. bouncing to disk.

wish my second engineer was here....could do with another ear, MCM.

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