Thursday 12 April 2007

first bike ride!

first bike ride!
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andrew bought me a bike for christmas but i've not been able to use it cause of my back - that is until TODAY! Emma released me to not only run every other day up to 20 minutes, but i get to ride my new bike. it's great. today i rode it down to B&Q (Home Depot) and bought some wall plugs and screws to start hanging pictures. three black and whites of edinburgh and auskerry, orkney will go on the wall in the toilet room downstairs. i'm thinking maybe some a blind of cream with tiny black stripes - but have to find some material i like. sounds like a trip to dunelm mill is in the cards.


joanna Ferguson said...

truly beautiful bathrooms. my personal ave is the painted wall in the big bathroom- pure genius!!!!

Leia said...

Keep up the good work.