Sunday 8 April 2007

tenerife report

after seven days of heat, sun, and sleep, i returned to northern ireland to 1.5 C weather. training went pretty well - all except for a sore left achilles brought on by a several hour walk on concrete in flip flops. once i started wearing my wee trainers everywhere the ache subsided and my legs stopped shouting at me.

got to speak a lot of spanish while away, and even a bit of italian (complements of a brilliant restaurant called 'michelangelo's'). one of the best things about being away was the conversation sparked by my Bible reading. spent about 30 minutes answering questions and telling my flat mates what i believed, why i thought the Bible was true, and how i was trying to live my life to honour God. brilliant!

while away i finished a new book brave new world by aldous huxley. mind boggling, intriguing, disturbing, enjoyable, and disgusting. all about the world in a potential future - future as a satire of america. a disturbing future of materialism, consumerism, immorality, ignorance, and cultural anonymity. with no concept of pain, despair, love, history, glory, knowledge of good, holiness, God or eternity. yet no one had any idea that they were missing out in this "civilised" new world. except a very few - few who were ostracised or one, who loved and hated, and killed himself to end his encouter with civilisation.

now reading blessed be Your name by matt and beth redman. seems applicable right now.


P said...

mm, yes, brave new world. good book. pretty heavy and crazy. now you need to make sure you compliment it with 1984 and Fahrenheit 415 :-)

Angie said...

cheery reading...

I'm currently reading whatever brief paragraphs I can squeeze in between changing diapers and intervening with les seours. :)

Let us know what you think of the Redman's book!