Monday 14 May 2007

lost children

please don't think this post is discounting the horror and pain that maddie's family is going through right now, or that possibly the wee girl is either. i'm not saying it's not evil and horrible for someone to take a 3 year old child from her bed - it is. it makes me and everyone else sick to think what might have happened to her. not even imaginable.

but here is my thought right now - and please, i'm not trying to ignore or belittle their horror and pain - thousands, and yes, that is accurate, thousands of children in other parts of the world, africa, india, the middle east, disappear and no one does anything about it. it's as if they don't matter. there's a long list of people from europe who have given money to try and find wee maddie. £2.5million. i'm please that people are willing to help the family and offer rewards for this child. yet what about rewards for african children who are stolen from their families.

why don't people in europe who are so willing to put up money to try and save 1 wee white, european child, put up money so save the lives of thousands of wee african or asian children? are we so discriminatory still that we can't see what is happening?

it is important to try and save a child - any child. yet we as 'safe' and happy, well fed europeans, americans, and people of first world countries, seem to forget there are children who simply die because they have nothing to eat.

do we care?

do YOU care?



J-Mac said...

Exactly what I'be been thinking. The story about Maddie is awful but you wish the outpouring of grief could lead the media into reporting the hundreds of african children that go missing everyday. It seems true that 1 european/american life is equal to 1000 african lives

peteroberts said...

Totally agree and v sensitivley put. I think the problem is that so many people relate to a wee white western girl and her family were as africa is soooo far away(even in this global village we say we live in) I guess we still have a long way to go for an empathic reaction. My anger is channeled at our western mostly middle class driven media who seemed to have left it to the broad sheets and channel 4 to give us very breif reminders of what is going on outside our little part of the earth. Thank God He is NOT a God of the west but the whole earth but may He answer our prayers soon for Madie and those children lost,stolen and dying whereever they may be from