Friday 11 May 2007

fab friend

came home last night from the studio to find a good friend with coffee, flowers, wine, and a 'coupon' for a date with her. :) it was so lovely to be thought of and have her show up late like that for my birthday. then, just after midnight i opened my gifts from my ferguson family. we now don't have to laugh when someone says, sure, just throw that in the microwave for a few minutes. leftovers have a new lease on life.

oh yeah, and i got a lovely dress from joanna.

nice start to my day - even though we had to leave the house before 7 to get andrew to derry for 9. whew! just took an hour nap to get ready to work.

ben and the boys get back in the studio today at noon.


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Happy Birthday I-Leeeeeeeesh!!!