Friday 11 May 2007


technically, i'm not actually 29 until about 20 min past 3 this morning. but as it's after midnight, i'll claim it.

i don't feel 29. and i surely don't look it. weird.

aren't you supposed to have accomplished something by the time you're 29? hmmm....this might be an issue.

oh well, but i'll bake my cake and feed lots of people today and enjoy being least the first day of it. :)

andrew wonders if the words "accomplished something" cover such things as getting married (twice), getting a house, and learning to drive again


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, dear sister! And believe me... you've accomplished a great deal! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Mom and Dad
(29 is definitely NOT old!)

Angie said...

"getting married (twice)"
...It sure sounds bad when you say it like that... at least it was to the same man both times :)

Happy happy day to you!

EilĂ­s said...

laughing... i know, maybe i should say, planned two weddding ceremonies? :)