Saturday 23 June 2007


as of this afternoon, i've made enough cables to literally go the length of a football pitch and back and then some - and i've a couple wee blisters on the inside of my fingers from screwing cables ends together.

the racks are full - they were 76kg empty. now they are completely full and weight a ton (ok, perhaps a little less than that, but heavy!)

we have input audio to protools and output audio to protools. tomorrow we sort everything out and make a plan.

monday i go to site and fly the ambient mics.

thursday we move onto site and start living in a caravan for 11 days. oh joy - lots of work and no sleep.

stress levels are high and i've two companies who've not sent me the proper gear.

silly people!!


P said...

wish i could be there to help out! :)

EilĂ­s said...

me to!

ColinT said...

Valium - the stresser's friend...

I also highly recommend "Rescue Remedy" - has gotten me through many an exam - I think it's basically herbs dissolved in alcohol which you put a couple of drops of on your tongue. My guess is that the herbs are just there to make it sound all medical and holistic :)

Remember what I said about crushing tablets into his juice . . .

Mel Reynolds said...

are you back in real life yet my dear? are your hands frayed? is your brain frazzled? give joanne a big hug for me this weekend. thinkin of you guys xx